Installing the 48-inch M-line, the main delivery pipeline that provides water for all Company shareholders.

Service You Can Rely On

Cal Domestic Water Company operates an extensive system of treatment facilities, wells, pumps and pipelines to deliver water to our Shareholders. Through thoughtful investments and carefully planned maintenance, we provide a reliable and cost-effective water supply resources for our three majority Shareholders and their 222,000 residential and business customers.


Serving our Shareholders

Cal Domestic is a not-for-profit mutual water company that delivers water exclusively to Shareholders. The current shareholders consist of three wholesale water providers and approximately 170 retail customers. Cal Domestic is governed by a Board of Directors elected by Shareholders.

To ensure water quality, Cal Domestic is regulated under provisions of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The Company must comply with rules imposed by Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Local Agency Formation Commission, and South Coast Air Quality Management District, as well as local, state, and federal rules and regulations.

Cal Domestic must comply with sound financial management practices, including passing an annual budget, establishing financial reserves and providing transparency to shareholders.

Simplifying Service for Retail Customers

About 170 people are Cal Domestic shareholders. Since Cal Domestic no longer maintains any retail water facilities, these shareholders are serviced through the City of La Habra and Suburban Water Systems. Those systems charge Cal Domestic for services to those shareholders, and the Company then bills the customers. To streamline water service and billing, Cal Domestic is offering to buy back shares from retail customers and move those accounts to the appropriate water provider.

Why Move Retail Shareholders to Other Water Providers?

Originally established to deliver water to wholesale and retail customers, Cal Domestic is more effectively designed to serve our three principal wholesale shareholders – City of La Habra, City of Brea, and Suburban Water Systems – with reliable groundwater.

To improve service to retail shareholders with homes or businesses in City of La Habra and Suburban Water Systems service areas, those accounts would be better served by transitioning those customers to their respective city or agency.

Customer Benefits

New customers at City of La Habra or Suburban Water would benefit from greater convenience in bill paying, as those water providers have thousands of retail customers and offer electronic payment options in their billing systems.

Cal Domestic’s rates for retail shareholders are set very close to what the retail water providers charge. Those transitioning to Suburban Water Systems currently pay $176 per month on average, while those transitioning to City of La Habra currently pay an average of $162 per month. Shareholders moving to retail providers may see nominal changes to their water bills (roughly 5%).

Retail shareholders who become customers of either City of La Habra or Suburban Water would receive water from the same source that they receive now.

Possible access to conservation incentives such as rebates offered by the City of La Habra and Suburban Water System.