Recently approved by El Monte City Council, the expansion will include six ion exchange vessels for the removal of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from the area’s groundwater supply.

Plans to expand a California Domestic Water Company (the Company) treatment facility have been finalized, laying the foundation for improved drinking water quality and use of local water resources to continue serving people across the south Puente Hills region.

The El Monte City Council approved a Conditional Use Permit for the planned treatment facility at its September 21, 2021 meeting where city officials acknowledged the company’s efforts to work swiftly towards a solution for continuing to ensure the public health and safety of those served.

The new treatment system will include six ion exchange vessels and piping on a 3.5-acre property on Valley Boulevard in the city of El Monte for the removal of PFAS from the groundwater supply. Currently, PFAS have been prioritized by both State and Federal regulatory agencies to better understand the effects of these chemicals and to reduce the potential risks to public health.

“This project will allow us to continue to meet strict safe drinking water standards and ultimately distribute a high-quality, reliable water supply to our shareholders,” Company President Lynda Noriega said. “This initiative is a Company priority and positions the communities we serve for long-term success.”

Once complete, the facility will be able to treat up to 1.08 million gallons daily and restore the operation of one of the Company’s groundwater wells. Water treated through this new facility will connect to the Company’s larger network of treatment and conveyance facilities to provide shareholders with safe drinking water that meets or exceeds all State and Federal water quality regulations and standards.

The project design incorporates numerous aesthetic elements to help the facility blend with the surrounding community. The water treatment equipment will be painted in neutral colors, wrought iron fencing will be used in place of chain link, and landscaping will be planted along the property’s perimeter to beautify the area and add greenery.