Reliable Local Water

California Domestic Water Company operates seven active groundwater wells that supply water from the Main San Gabriel Basin. After water is pumped from the groundwater basin, it is conveyed through a series of treatment facilities to ensure it meets or exceeds all water quality regulations and standards. Following treatment and quality assurance, the water is delivered to shareholders through approximately 30 miles of pipeline that begins in Los Angeles County and ends in north Orange County, crossing the cities of El Monte, Industry, Whittier, La Habra, La Habra Heights, and Brea.

Each year, the Company’s supplies shareholders with approximately 20,000 acre-feet of water. That’s more than six billion gallons!

Annual Reports

Each year the Company provides a summary of what has transpired in the past year, including successes and challenges, progress and promotions.

Highlighting Company goals and the results of those efforts and what the next steps of the organization will be to achieve those objectives, the Annual Report encapsulates financial information and strategic planning.

The Main San Gabriel Basin

More than 1.5 million people living in our region rely on water from the Main San Gabriel Basin to keep water available at the taps of residences and businesses. With the basin already at below-average levels at the start of the 2021 drought, playing a role in local preservation and protection of this precious resource is more important than ever. Cal Domestic is actively involved in the management and operations, including recharge, of the Main San Gabriel Basin. Our President serves as Chair of the Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster Board of Directors, allowing us to engage in long-term basin sustainability efforts and important decision-making.

To discover more about how the Main San Gabriel Basin provides water throughout the region, we encourage you to roll over the different stages of the water cycle and interact with the illustration below.

Infiltration of rainfall
on the valley floor

Percolation of runoff
from the adjacent
mountains and storage

Water that is conserved
by local residents and
businesses, resulting in
less production

Imported Water
Water purchases to refill
the basin when natural
resources and conservation
aren’t enough to maintain
healthy water levels in
the basin

Our Operations

Our Operations

Advanced Water Treatment Technologies