Water Quality

Delivering Quality Water is Our Top Priority


There is no holidays from water quality. Our team of state-certified water professionals monitor your water quality around-the-clock and every day.

We Use Advanced Water Treatment Techniques

Our water quality team maintains a variety of standard and advanced water treatment facilities that are used on particular wells as needed: air-stripping, ion-exchange, ultra-violet light, pH control and chlorination.

Extensive Testing to Ensure Quality

We collect over 2,000 samples annually for a wide number of constituents: some weekly and others bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually. We test at the treatment site, throughout production and in the distribution pipes.

Water Quality Reports

Each year, we publish a detailed report on water quality that includes a description of where your water comes from, answers to common questions about water quality and other useful information.

Water Supply and Conservation

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State Water Waste Prohibitions

California Domestic Water Company is requiring all customers to follow the State’s emergency conservation regulations which prohibit the following:

  • Watering outdoor landscapes so heavily that it causes runoff.
  • Washing vehicles with a hose not fitted with a shut-off nozzle.
  • Washing sidewalks and driveways except for health and safety purposes.
  • Using potable water in a fountain that does not have a recirculation system.

Links to Water Conservation Information

State Water Resources Control Board Extended Regulations for Urban Water Conservation

Water Purchases Will Help Protect from Future Droughts

Recent droughts have hammered home the reality of how vulnerable all Californians are to the ups and downs of water supply in California.

The Company’s President has served as Chairman of Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster for the last several years. Under his leadership, Watermaster has made great progress in advancing regional water supply development. For example, the regional water supply rules were updated last year, allowing many new and creative water supply programs, including development of 100,000 acre-feet of emergency storage, new trades and water banking programs within the Basin. Also, for the first time, trades and banking programs will be allowed outside of the Basin with our neighbors.

Through our work with Watermaster, and through regional partnerships with Los Angeles County, Metropolitan Water District, and others, we are sharing in the region’s new opportunities, new funding and new ways of obtaining, sharing and storing water to meet all of our water supply needs.

Water Reliability and Value

Reliable Water Facilities


Long-Range Facility Improvement Program Nearly Complete

One key to the Company’s success has been our commitment to long-term planning. In 1996, the Company embarked on its first long-range capital facility improvement plan. After 17 years and $65 million dollars, the plan will be completed this year—with the exception of a single pipeline. The pipeline will be replaced in collaboration with Suburban Water Systems in 2016.

Predictive Maintenance and Testing Captures Additional Funds through Rebates

The Company participated in a predictive maintenance program with Southern California Edison. With the use of vibration testing equipment, we found a faulty bearing and replaced it before it failed. Scheduled testing and maintenance keeps pumps and motors operating efficiently. The improvements helped reduce the overall use of energy, improved reliability by proactively finding potential problems, lowered operational costs, and earned $13,000 in energy rebates.

Cost Savings

New Leases Improve Supply and Lower Long-Term Costs

The Company’s goal with leasing is not to make money, but to save money by avoiding the Replacement Water Charge. Leased water saves 10% compared to paying the Replenishment Water Charge. In 2013, the Company leased 16,000 acre-feet of pumping rights and purchased 500 acre-feet of pumping rights.

Strong Finances Allow Cost Saving Pre-Purchases of Leased Water

The Company’s strong finances have made possible pre-payment of leases that provide particular benefits. For example, the Company pre-purchased 2,000 acre-feet of water in 2013. By paying in advance, we obtained a lower rate and an option to purchase an additional 4,000 acre-feet of water at a reduced fee for four years.