Our Mission

To Provide its Stockholders with a Reliable Water Supply that Meets all Water Quality Regulations at a Reasonable Price.

California Domestic Water Company is a wholesale water distribution company. We are dedicated to providing our wholesale shareholders with quality, service, and value.

In recent years, we have rebuilt nearly all our systems. We have virtually no debt, and our water rates are about 60% less than imported water costs.


Celebrating 136 Years of Continual Service

It all Started in 1889…

It all started in 1889, when Simon J. Murphy, founded the East Whittier Land and Water Company. We still use the easements Mr. Murphy obtained for the wooden flumes and the ditches used to transport water. Although much has changed since then, the economic and lifestyle benefits of water are just as important today as they were 136 years ago.

1902: California Domestic Water Company Incorporates

With incorporation in 1902, California Domestic Water Company acquired more land, wells, equipment, flumes, ditches and rights-of-way from its predecessor, the East Whittier Land and Water Company. Soon after, the Company entered a phase of explosive expansion, acquiring additional land and rights-of-way, and developing new infrastructure.

1934: Offices Move to Whittier from Los Angeles

California Domestic Water Company’s offices were located in Los Angeles unitl 1907, when they were relocated to Greenleaf Avenue in Whittier. After several moves, the offices found a new home in 1934 at their current site where they have remained ever since.

1950s: bye-bye Zanjero, Hello Meters and Houses

In the old days, water was distributed and accounted for by the Zanjero. This is spanish for “the keeper of the ditches” who would control and measure the number of inches of water coming over the wooden flume to develop billing charges. The first installation of meters in 1951 marks the beginning of a more modern period in company history.

Also during the 1950s, the ranches of La Habra and East Whittier were being divided into suburban homesites and developers began transferring their domestic water service from California Domesitc Water Company to the local cities and public utilities.

1960s: Cadway Brings New Financial Strengths

In 1964, Cadway, Inc. was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of California Domestic Water Company to acquire, hold, develop, exchange and sell the Company’s properties. Cadway provides numerous tax and other financial benefits to its not-for-profit owner.

Today: Value, Service, State-of the-Art Facilities

Today, California Domestic Water Company operates a sophisticated water system with high efficiency pumping plants, advanced water treatment facilities and a professional staff. More and more the Company serves its shareholders as a wholesale water distribution company, but remains dedicated to providing its wholesale shareholders with quality, service and value for one of our most precious and beneficial resources: Water.

District Facts

Office Provides a Connection to Area History


The Company’s office construction project was carried out with careful attention to history due to a settlement between the Company and historical preservationists in the community. The original office building was constructed in 1934 as part of a joint CDWC and La Habra Water Company water complex.

The building will soon be entered into Whittier’s historic registry. It was constructed in a modest Art Deco style, an architectural form that was common in the 1920s and 1930s. The building retains its shape, original windows, and most of its Art Deco features, such as the triangular parapet.

The metal letters of the Company name on the façade, “CALIFORNIA DOMESTIC WATER CO.” may also be original. The front entry retains its original steel and glass door.

The historical connections reach back to the 19th century, when a local rancher, Simon J. Murphy, formed the East Whittier Land and Water Company in 1889. This proved to be a critical milestone for the City of Whittier, which had been struggling for years to resolve its water problems. CDWC and the La Habra Water Company were incorporated in 1902, having grown out of the East Whittier Land and Water Company. CDWC prospered, providing irrigation water to the farms in Whittier and La Habra.